At the core of our export business lies a commitment to quality, not just in the crops we grow but

also in the meticulous processes we follow to bring these products to global markets.

Specializing in onions, a staple in cuisines around the world, we ensure that every batch meets

not just our standards, but also the expectations of our international customers. Our process

isn't merely about shipping vegetables overseas; it's about delivering a taste of New Zealand's

finest agriculture, maintaining the integrity and freshness of our produce from the field to foreign


Each onion begins its journey in our vast, nutrient-rich farms in New Zealand, where unique

growing conditions impart flavours you won't find anywhere else. From field selection to final

export, every step is handled with precision and care, reflecting our deep understanding of the

complexities involved in the global produce market. By managing every aspect of the supply

chain, we ensure our overseas customers receive onions that are as fresh and flavorful as the

day they were harvested.

Join us as we pull back the curtain on this intricate process, showcasing the diligence and

expertise that go into every shipment. This is more than just farming—it's a pursuit of

agricultural excellence that crosses borders, bringing the best of New Zealand to the world.

Selecting the Finest Onions for Export

Our commitment to providing premium onions begins with an intricate selection process directly

in the fields of New Zealand. We choose only the best onions, which are determined by size,

colour, and health to ensure the produce meets the high standards of overseas markets. Every

onion is hand-picked by skilled workers who understand the subtleties of identifying the prime

candidates for export. This attentiveness to detail isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring

that the onions can withstand the logistical journey ahead and arrive in perfect condition to our

global customers.

After selection, our team further assesses each onion batch for uniformity, which is crucial for

satisfying the specific requirements of international buyers. Consistency in our export products

allows us to maintain a reliable brand image and customer satisfaction at an international level.

It's this rigorous approach that ensures we carry forward only the onions that are truly

representative of the premium quality New aZealand is known for in agricultural produce.

Preparation and Packaging: Ensuring Integrity

Once our onions have been selected, the next critical step is the preparation and packaging

phase. Ensuring the integrity of our onions during transit is paramount, hence we employ state-

of-the-art packaging techniques. Each onion is carefully inspected for any signs of damage or

imperfection, which could potentially worsen during export. This includes a detailed check for

skin blemishes, soft spots, and any signs of disease which might affect their freshness upon


Our packaging materials are specifically chosen to promote ventilation and protect the onions

under various atmospheric pressures they might encounter en route. We use robust, yet

breathable materials that support the longevity of the onions without compromising on their

natural quality. Furthermore, our packaging process involves temperature-controlled

environments to ensure that from the moment they leave our facility until they reach you, our

onions remain as fresh as they were the day they were picked. This meticulous approach to

preparation and packaging is a testament to our dedication to quality and customer trust.

Navigating Customs and Regulations

As our onions journey from New Zealand to dinner tables around the world, navigating customs

and maintaining compliance with local, national, and international regulations is paramount. We

ensure every shipment adheres to the specific plant health and safety standards required by the

destination country. This includes detailed documentation, conformity assessments, and

sometimes even pre-shipment inspections. Our dedicated team stays abreast of all regulatory

changes and adjustments to ensure seamless transitions across borders without any hold-ups,

keeping our delivery promises on track and reliable.

What we manage here is critically important, not just for the speed of delivery but also to uphold

the safety and integrity of the onions that reach your local markets. This proactive approach to

navigating complex regulatory environments helps maintain our commitment to quality and

customer satisfaction, ensuring our onions are not only the freshest but also the most compliant

with global food safety standards.

From Our Fields to Your Table: The Final Journey

The final leg of our onions' journey from our fields to your table is filled with rigorous quality

checks and a commitment to timely delivery. Once our onions clear customs, they are

transported to various distributors and retailers across the globe. Our logistics partners are

carefully selected to ensure they share our values of excellence and reliability. Monitoring and

managing this part of the supply chain allows us to guarantee that our onions maintain their

freshness and quality until they reach you.

We understand that ultimate customer satisfaction comes from not just meeting but exceeding

expectations, which is why our journey does not simply end at delivery. We follow up with

retailers and customers to gather feedback, ensuring that our onions not only meet the high

standards set forth but also continue to improve with each shipment. It is this dedication to

quality, from our fields to your table, that keeps us pushing forward, aiming always to bring the

best of New Zealand's produce to the world.


Every step in the journey of our onions—from carefully selecting the finest examples for export,

ensuring their integrity through meticulous preparation and packaging, to skillfully navigating

complex international logistics—is tailored to uphold the excellence associated with our name,

Produce Agencies.

If you wish to experience the quality and freshness of New Zealand's finest onions, reach out to

us at Produce Agencies. Our New Zealand onion exporters are here to serve you with the best,

from our fields to your table.